How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Pool

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Residential Fencing, Fence Company Tulsa, Pool Fence

In most states, it is illegal to construct a fence without a gate. A huge hole in the ground with water in it poses several safety concerns. Even if the fencing is necessary, it does not have to be functional or unsightly. A fence is required for every size and shape of the swimming pool.

What’s the best pool fence to buy? This eventually leads to the question: what kind of pool fence should I choose? Because there is no one right answer for many first-time pool owners, it might be a tough selection. Don’t worry; we’ve prepared this quick tutorial as a reference for you.

If you’re thinking it’ll ruin the look of your backyard landscape, well, that’s definitely a possibility, let’s be honest. But concerns about aesthetics are outweighed by keeping your friends and family safe around your pool.

Child Safety

Whether you have children of your own or whether you enjoy spending time with friends or family who bring their children over, they most likely love swimming in your pool. You want it to be enjoyable for them, but you also want to minimize the risks.

Every day, about ten individuals die as a result of unintentional drowning, and two of those victims are children aged 14 and younger. It may take only seconds for a youngster to run outside, fall into the pool, and become unable to exit. And by the time you notice something is wrong, it’s frequently too late.

A pool fence is a layer of protection (after your home’s doors) that keeps kids away from the pool when no one is around to watch them.

Pet Safety

Animals, such as dogs and cats, can naturally swim, but they may have trouble escaping the pool. Because they must keep their heads tilted back to avoid getting water in their noses, they are unable to see where the steps are.

They’ll try over and over again to lift themselves out via the side of the pool, until they finally exhaust themselves and can no longer stay afloat.

Consider installing a pool fence if you have dogs, cats, or other animals such as raccoons, squirrels, and opossums that like to swim in your pool but should not because it may drown.

General Safety

When it comes to pool safety, the most important thing to realize is that people and animals are not the only ones who can be harmed. Anyone may slip on a little patch of algae on the deck and fall into the water, possibly injuring themselves. Even an expert swimmer can drown if they hit their head while unconscious and no one is around.

If you do intend to have parties where alcohol is served, this is something to consider. A handful too many and one of your guests may believe it’s a fantastic idea to jump into the pool fully clothed when no one’s looking. They may find it difficult to get out of the water or even stay afloat due To their brains being fogged by


Pool Fence Types

The wooden fence

The wooden fence is the most common pool fencing. It can be painted, stained, or left unpainted (which will require painting every year). The wooden fence material must also match your home’s exterior woodwork and colors. Solid – posts and crossbeams; lattice top; louvered; and picket – wooden or fiberglass are some of the styles available for wooden fences. Fence prices vary depending on the material, style of wood utilized, height of fence needed by city ordinance, gate requirements (if any), surface treatment, and other factors.

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The chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is a very affordable option to look into if you have something that needs to be confined in one area. This fencing is a popular option for those looking to create a comfortable and safe yard for their pet. It provides a cheap way to keep their animals in one space at all times. Most animals do not like being kept in a cage all day. They need to experience the fresh air and be able to run free. A lot of owners worry that they will run away if they are allowed to stay outside. They also worry that other wild animals could attack them.

Allowing a pet to run around in a confined backyard will keep them healthy. Our Tulsa chain link fence installation experts can quickly install a chain link fence that will provide the perfect environment for your pet to stay safe and healthy. A chain link fence is a much safer and more comfortable solution to keeping your pet under control than an electric fence. Contact our Tulsa Fence Installation pros to get a free consultation on installing a chain link fence.

Wrought Iron

This kind of fence is heavy and long-lasting. However, it will require maintenance to keep it in good shape for many years. The fence will rust with time due to exposure to the sun and rain, so you’ll need to sand and paint it from time to time.

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Sturdy and fairly weather-resistant, this is a good choice if you can set the posts in concrete. If you lack that skill, you can hire a professional to install the pool fence for you.

Choose a slatted fence rather than a solid one if you have the option. While solid fencing does provide an impenetrable barrier around the pool area, it also obstructs your view of the pool. You want to keep danger out while still being able to see the pool in case everything else fails and a child or animal gets into your pool


Pool Fence Features

If you’re thinking, “If I’ve seen one pool fence, I’ve seen them all,” it’s true that they’re all comparable in that they accomplish the same goal.

Before you build a pool fence, there are a few things to think about. It’s worth noting that pool fences do have some characteristics to consider before you install one.


If your primary concerns are little children and pets, a 4-foot fence should suffice. However, keep in mind that your child will continue to develop, so you might wish to upgrade to a higher fence sooner rather than later. Remember to check your state and local laws for any minimum height restrictions.

Ground Clearance

A pool fence that your kids or pets can easily climb under would be pointless. Not to mention other animals, such as raccoons and squirrels.

When you install your pool fence, make sure there is minimal to no clearance between the bottom of the fence and the ground.

Gap Width

If you opt for a fence made up of vertical wood or iron bars, you must make sure there is no space between them that a kid can squeeze through.

With this sort of barrier, it might be more difficult to keep animals out, especially tiny ones that may squeeze through extremely small gaps. If you have cats or tiny dogs, keep this in mind.


Kit fences are also available. If you choose this option, be sure the method for connecting the fence pieces is secure. Flimsy or loosely connected components have no place in a pool fence construction.

Hand and Foot Holds

When your kid is still crawling, any sort of pool fence will keep them out of the pool region. Children, on the other hand, are little mountain climbers who are known for escaping from playpens and scaling baby gates once they start standing and walking.

Make sure the fence you pick doesn’t offer your children makeshift hands and footholds. The second, decorative horizontal bar along the top of a double-top fence to a youngster is a means for them to climb up, for example.

Good Fences Make Good Pools

Are you prepared for pool season? Once you have a pool fence in place, you’ll be less worried about kids, animals, and even clumsier adults falling into the pool.

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